foto: The interior of Department of Philology's buildingThe Department of Philology cooperates both with Polish institutions (among which are numbered cultural facilities, educational institutions, the media, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and local government authorities) and with foreign institutions. We have dozens of contractual cooperation agreements, including those with the Goethe Institute in Kraków, the Museum of Romanticism in Opiniogóra, the Cross Foundation for European Understanding, the Society for Cooperation of Poland and the East, the Ostróg Academy, the Silesian Marketing Society, Radio Katowice, Poczta Polska, the Silesian Opera, Silesia Film, the Castle Museum in Pszczyna, Kopalnia Guido, the Regional Institute of ||Culture in Katowice, TVP3 Katowice and the Manufactury of Knowledge “Estakada”.

foto: students standing in a circle and holding hands

Thanks to these ties, our students have the chance to take part in interesting internships and practical courses, training in various specialized disciplines, workshops, and empirical classes, and can become acquainted with the expectations pf the job market and can develop their vocational expertise. Exchange trips can be undertaken under the auspices of bilateral agreements, the programmes ERASMUS+ and CEEPUS, and many other grant-awarding possibilities offered by the Bureau of Educational Development and International Exchange. Students go abroad also for summer language schools to many contries, broadening and improving their language competencies.