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The unusually rich, diverse and constantly expanding course catalogue of the Department of Philology is conformed to the demands of the job market, so that students may not only develop their individual skills and advance their academic interests, but can moreover acquire practical knowledge and competencies permitting them to find interesting, satisfying employment. The high level of teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate studies levels is guaranteed by an excellent academic faculty: 484 teaching faculty members, among which are 61 full professors and 125 PhD.s with Habilitation.

Both buildings of the Department (in Katowice and Sosnowiec, respectively) have been adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and are equipped with specialized study facilities (e.g. booths for simultaneous translation). A major advantage of the Department site in Katowice is its location in the centre of the city, close to many major cultural institutions, such as the Silesian Library, the Korez Theatre, the repertory cinema Rialto, the Katowice Centrum of Culture, and also near the centre of student nightlife.

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