zdjęcie: dwie studentki czytające "Gazetę Uniwersytecką UŚ"Students of the Department of Philology can take part in academic travel programmes, among which are MOST (under the auspices of which students can study at other institutions of higher education within Poland) and the European Union programme ERASMUS+, which makes it possible for students to undertake studies in one of 21 foreign institutions. Moreover, there exist 43 academic clubs and societies for participation by students of the department, and the clubs and societies are dedicated to various research and cultural fields and organizing periodic events and activities (for example Francophonia, Hispanophonia, Italophonia, Saint Lucy’s Day, Days of Canadian Culture, the Festival of the Mother Tongue, Speech Therapy Days of the University of Silesia, and the Festival of Science).

zdjęcie: dwoje studentów machających do kogoś na doleThe rich variety of academic conferences, lectures, meetings with authors and discussion panels allows students to broaden their academic and cultural horizons and meet interesting people. The students of our department are also engaged – often through the activity of the Student Council and other student-led organizations – in social activism. Among such undertakings are charitable book fairs, bake sales, actions undertaken for animal rights, outdoor activities for schoolchildren in the region , and video game tournaments.